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In-App Notifications
import SharedKit

SwiftyLaunch Version 1.1+ (Moved from NotifKit to SharedKit in 1.2)

In-App Notifications

In-App Notifications are an easy way to show a message to the user without interrupting their workflow. They are a great way to provide feedback, show errors, or give the user a heads up about something important.

You can show these notifications by calling

public func showInAppNotification(_ type: InAppNotificationType,
                                  content: InAppNotificationContent,
                                  size: InAppNotificationStyle.NotificationSize? = nil,
                                  onTapAction: (() -> Void)? = nil)
  • type - Predefined types of notifications. You can use .error, .warning, .info, .info, or .failure.
  • content - The content of the notification, consist of the title and the message.
  • size - (Optional) The size of the notification. .compact or .normal. (Defaults to .normal)
  • onTapAction - (Optional) The action to be performed when the user taps on the notification.

In-App Notification Sizes

There are currently two different sizes for the in-app notifications.

In-App Notification Sizes

Custom Styling

SwiftyLaunch includes 5 predefined styles for notifications, which you call by passing the type parameter.


                      content: .init(title: "Success", message: "Account was created successfully!"),
                      size: .compact)

You can also show an In-App Notification with a custom style. Just pass the content parameter together with style instead of type.


showInAppNotification(content: .init(title: "Custom Notification", message: "Custom Message"),
                      style: .init(sfSymbol: "star.fill", symbolColor: .indigo, size: .compact))

In-App Notification Styles


In-App Notifications are deeply integrated with other frameworks such as AuthKit or InAppPurchaseKit, which will display a notification after a successful or failed operation that requires user attention.