📈 AnalyticsKit
import AnalyticsKit

AnalyticsKit Overview

AnalyticsKit is a Framework built on top of PostHog SDK to streamline the analytics process.

It is deeply integrated with other frameworks, but also allows the developer to easily use it wherever necessary.

We created the convenience function Analytics.caputure() that can be called from anywhere in the app to capture an event. The functions takes in a couple of parameters, to easily identify the event in the PostHog dashboard.

public class Analytics {
    static public func capture(_ eventType: EventType,
                               id: String,
                               longDescription: String? = nil,
                               source: EventSource,
                               fromView: String? = nil,
                               relevancy: EventRelevancy? = nil)
  • eventType - Type of event. .error or .info
  • onToggle - A closure that is called when the checkmark is tapped.
  • longDescription - (Optional) Human readable, longer description of the event.
  • source - The source of the event. .auth, .db, .iap, .notif, .aikit, or .analytics.
  • fromView - (Optional) To identify from which view the event was captured.
  • relevancy - (Optional) To identify the relevancy of the event. .low, .medium or .high. (Default: .medium for .info events and .high for .error events)

Additionally, AnalyticsKit comes with ViewModifiers that can be used to track UI interactions.