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Get Started
import BrandUIKit

Get Started

To utilize BrandUIKit and give your project a consistent look and feel, you should first set the App Accent Color in App Assets.

        • Assets.xcassets
  • Asset Color Location Asset Color Change

    if you now open the app, you can see the app appearing completely differently with the new accent color.


    App Before Change


    App After Change

    BrandUIKit Components

    BrandUIKit Components are built out of the box to use the App Accent Color and provide a consistent look and feel. Additionally, system components utilize the App Accent Color as well.

    If you want to give an accent color to a component, you can use the .tint(accentColor) or .foregroundStyle(accentColor) View Modifier.

    You can even give the background of a view a little bit of an accent tint by using the .accentBackground() modifier.

    .accentBackground(strong: Bool = false)
    • strong - Whether the accent background should be more prominent or not (Default: false)