🎨 BrandUIKit
Hero View
import BrandUIKit


Use HeroView to display important information or a call to action.

HeroView(sfSymbolName: String,
         title: LocalizedStringKey,
         subtitle: LocalizedStringKey? = nil,
         size: HeroViewSize = .large,
         bounceOnAppear: Bool = false)
  • sfSymbolName - The name of the SF Symbol to display.
  • title - The title of the hero view.
  • subtitle - (Optional) The subtitle of the hero view.
  • size - The size of the hero view of type HeroViewSize (Default: .large)
  • bounceOnAppear - (iOS 17+) A boolean value to determine if the hero view should bounce when it appears. (Default: false)
public enum HeroViewSize {
	///Perfect for views that only partially cover the screen
    case small
	///Perfect for full screen views (e.g. email verification screen)
    case large

You can pass disabled: Bool to block the user from editing the text field.

Hero View Example

struct ContentView: View {
	var body: some View {
		VStack {
			HeroView(sfSymbolName: "envelope.badge",
                     title: "Check your Inbox.",
                     subtitle: "An email with a verification link\nwas sent to your@email.com")


Hero View Examples