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Send a Test Notification

Send a Test Notification

Allow Push Notifications in your App

Open your app on your real device (Simulator probably won't work), and go to Settings > Notifications. Press Allow.

Grant Notifications Permission Screenshot

Mark yourself as a Test User

In OneSignal Dashboard (opens in a new tab) go to App Name > Audience > Subscriptions.

After you have allowed push notifications on your device, you should see your device listed here.

Press on the three dots and press on Add to Test Subscriptions.

One Signal Audience Subscriptions List

Enter "TestUser" and press Add.

One Signal Add Test User Alert

Send a Push Notification in OneSignal

In OneSignal Dashboard (opens in a new tab) go to App Name > Messages > Push and press on New Message. Select New Push.

One Signal Messages Push Notifications Screen

Fill in the Notification Title, Notification Description and press Send Test Push.

One Signal Push Notifications Data Enter

Here, you can select TestUser and press Send.

One Signal Test Target Select

If everything is set up correctly, you should receive a push notification on your device. Hooray! 🎉

Push Notification Test Result