Project Setup
NotifKit Setup

NotifKit Setup

Generate a .p8 Auth Key for APNS

In order to setup OneSignal (the Framework that NotifKit is built on), we first need to generate a .p8 Auth Key.

Go to the Keys Section (opens in a new tab) of your Apple Developer Account and press on the + Button

Apple Developer Keys Section

If you have created added a Key to use with AuthKit beforehand, you don't have to create a new one, just press Edit on the one you've already created.

Enter a Key Name, select Apple Push Notifications Service (APNs) and press Continue. Press Register to create the Key.

Apple Developer Key Creation Screen


  1. Download the .p8 Key
  2. Write down your Developer Team ID
  3. Write down your Key ID

Apple Developer Download Key Screen

Create a OneSignal Project

If you haven't already, create a OneSignal Account (opens in a new tab).

In the OneSignal Dashboard (opens in a new tab), click New App/Website.

One Signal Dashboard

On the App Creation Screen:

  1. Enter your App Name
  2. Enter your Organization Name
  3. Select Apple iOS (APNs)
  4. Press Next

One Signal App Creation Screen

On the OneSignal APNs Configuration Screen:

  1. Upload the .p8 Key
  2. Enter the Key ID
  3. Enter the Developer Team ID
  4. Enter your App Bundle ID: com.ORGANIZATION.APPNAME that you've used during Project Initialization.
  5. Press Save & Continue

One Signal APNs Configuration Screen


  1. Select Native iOS
  2. Press Save & Continue
  3. Copy the OneSignal App ID
  4. Press Done

One Signal APNs Select SDK Screen One Signal APNs Copy APP ID Screen

Save the App ID in your App

Back in Xcode, go to Targets > NotifKit > Config > OneSignal-Info and paste the App ID into the value property of the key ONESIGNAL_APP_ID.

One Signal APNs Copy APP ID Screen

Test a Test Push Notification

It's recommended to wait until you have set up the rest of your app before doing any tests, but if you can't wait, you can temporarily disable other frameworks, and go to NotifKit/Send a Test Notification