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import SharedKit

SwiftyLaunch Version 1.2+

Add Haptics to your App

Haptics Image

Haptics can be very useful to provide feedback to the user, after the user has performed an action. To use Haptics, use the Haptics class:

Interactive Haptics (Notification)

Best used after a user has performed an action. Is also called when an in-app notification is shown.

func performUserAction() {
  // Code
  if (success) {
    Haptics.notification(type: .success)
  } else {
    Haptics.notification(type: .error)
  // Code

Three types of notification haptics are available: .success, .warning, and .error.

Impact Haptics (Feedback)

Best used when the user interacts with the app, like tapping a button, to simulate a physical impact.

func buttonTapped() {
  Haptics.impact(style: .soft)

Three types of impact haptics are available: .light, .medium, .heavy, .soft, and .rigid.


Don't overuse haptics, as it can be annoying to the user.